Get Help

Emergency Support

If you are a member of the UNC Asheville community (student, faculty or staff) and you are in need of emergency food support, please contact Jordan Perry at to see if we have any supplies on hand that could help. Please only use this option if you are facing a true emergency, so we can conserve our limited resources to help as many members of our community as possible.

Also, consider calling the MANNA Food HelpLine: 1-800-820-1109. The HelpLine is primarily offered to help individuals apply for SNAP/EBT, but they also offer referrals to food pantries, programs and other options. The HelpLine is available from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Non-Emergency Support

For non-emergency support, we hold bi-weekly food distributions during the Spring and Fall semesters. Please visit our Food Distributions page for more information. You can also join the FEI mailing list to get announcements and updates for these and other FEI events and activities.

Other Resources

We have included other resources in the pop-up sections below for additional help with food insecurity needs. If you or anyone you kow is struggling with food insecurity, please feel free to use or share these resources. If you know of any resources you think would be helpful to add (or if you see things that need to be corrected or updated), please feel free to share them with us at